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To be honest, I went to Charleston equipped with a long list of restaurant recommendations, and I was a little disappointed. Restaurants aren’t in short supply around Charleston, but there were very few that completely wowed me! It was very expensive; and the seafood tasted fishy (but, maybe that’s a trait of Atlantic fish)! I’ve included my favorite Charleston eateries below (from most to least favorite). If you’re looking for things to do all around Charleston, click here.

My Favorite Eateries

One Broad Street – Breakfast here was really stellar! The place is a charming old building with peeling ceilings and a relaxed, casual atmosphere. The food was all good, and the southern flair adds uniqueness!

Butcher and Bee – A middle eastern / Mediterranean dining experience. You get to order food for the whole table, so go with people who don’t mind sharing. The menu is seasonal and short. Since you are ordering appetizers and entrees for the whole table, you will get to sample around. The food is great! Some of it may be a little unique for your palette, but it’s worth trying. The hummus is the best I’ve ever had in my LIFE. It is pretty costly! For our group of six, we ordered two appetizer and two entrees for the table (which we basically inhaled) and it still cost us about $14/person.

Ye Ole Fashioned Ice Cream – A fun place to stop with multiple locations around Charleston! You can sample as much as you want and the servings are huge! The ice cream is spectacular and super fresh with a large variety of flavors!

Vickery’s (Shem Creek) – Finally, a high-quality burger! Being from the Midwest might have made me a little bit of a beef snob. I was so happy to have a thick burger that tasted like real meat! Also, the tuna steak was delicious! Eating right on the water is also charming and the restaurant’s aesthetics are on point!

Tuna Steak Salad

MOD Pizza – So, you might not need to go all the way to Charleston for this restaurant, but we did! I think it’s a cool restaurant, and it would be a great place to stop with kids! You can pile ANYTHING you want on your pizza and the price doesn’t change! We loved loading up our pizzas or doing half one style, half another style. It was super filling and kind to our wallets.

Snapper Jack’s (Folly Beach) – Folly Beach is hopping so we felt pretty lucky to get into this place with no wait! The rooftop eating is beautiful; you can see the ocean and usually enjoy live music. My snapper tasted a little fishy, but I’m extremely picky/sensitive to this! Another person ordered snapper tacos at my table and they were much better. It was a great place to eat, but it seems like most places on Folly Beach are equally spectacular (if the long waits are any evidence).

OK Eateries (but I’d probably try somewhere else next time)

Cantina 76 (Fresh Fields) – There are lots of cute and savory places to eat in Fresh Fields! The nice thing about Cantina 76 is you pay per item (per taco or per enchilada). The guacamole is amazing! You will probably be full after about 3 tacos. The variety is fun, but my tacos and enchiladas were drenched in sauce which covered up the taste/quality of the meat. Also, the restaurant had a horrible wet dog smell, but I’m sure that was only temporary! All in all, everyone enjoyed the variety of choices.

Brown Dog Deli – The food was surprisingly very good. My gyro was delicious! The atmosphere wasn’t very pleasant. It was very hot in the afternoon – inside and outside. The servers and cooks behind the counter weren’t very attentive and touched their faces and noses multiple times with their food gloves on. It was also an old building and dimly lit. None of us got sick, but it wasn’t the most exciting to eat our food after watching the chefs use the same hands on their nose that they used on our food!

I’m not usually in the habit of saying anything negative about a place! But, the sheer number of choices in Charleston were a little overwhelming, so reading reviews and doing a little research would have been very helpful!

Enjoy the food and check out my post: Charleston On A Budget: Free Things To Do + Three Things Worth Every Penny

Comment below if you have some restaurant favorites in Charleston that I missed!

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