Pros and Cons of Miami

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Miami was great for a little trip and some exploring, but I’m not eager to go back. There are some wonderful things to see which won’t take very long. Three days was plenty for us, and then we were ready to leave! No offense Miami-lovers or Miami-dwellers; it just wasn’t for us!


  • Little Havana – Cuban food and Cuban culture were our main draw to Miami! I adored walking the streets and taking pictures with the lucky roosters in Little Havana, and the food is delicious. We enjoyed the restaurant El Exquisito right across from Azucar (amazing ice cream) and Ball and Chain (a fun bar with live music right on the street).
Delicious ice cream at Azucar
  • Wynwood Walls – A fun way to see street art and FREE! The outdoor murals are spectacular and create awesome photo ops. You won’t want to spend long here since it’s all outdoor and blazing hot. And don’t go at night as we’ve been told you will probably get shot. It’s family friendly during the day, but don’t venture too far from the main attraction.
  • Miami Beach – We were pleasantly surprised by the clear shallow water and soft white sand. We stayed near South Beach and the beach is lovely, albeit a little busy! The water is probably some of the clearest in the USA (especially at South Point Pier)
Looking at South Beach from South Point Pier
  • Manatees – These sea cows must be pretty common because one swam by the South Point Pier and we weren’t even looking for one….but maybe we just got lucky.
I spy a manatee ….although it kind of looks like a big rock!
  • Transportation – Other than hotel shuttles, there are plenty of transportation options which are free or relatively inexpensive. Click here to read all about your transportation options. Don’t rent a car as there is nowhere to park! We used Uber and Lyft (a little cheaper) for everything! We considered taking the Hop On Hop Off bus tour, but we enjoyed Uber/Lyft more because the wait was much shorter, we could choose our destinations, and it was cheaper since we didn’t have to pay per person.
  • Food – The food really was delicious, but somewhat expensive. We tried to get off the beaten track, but I definitely recommend El Puerto Sagua and Iron Sushi (both near South Beach)!
Enjoying take-out from Puerto Sagua on the beach. Lovely ambiance and we don’t have to pay a tip!
  • Active Lifestyle – There is a lot to do if you are an active person. There’s a great ocean road – a long bike trail that runs parallel to the beach for many miles (mostly cement with a boardwalk further north). You can bike, jog, skate, or walk and no one minds if you just wear your swimsuit! There’s the outdoor calisthenics park which you can enjoy in the soft beach sand. There’s also lots of beach volleyball if you feel pretty confident and want to join a game. They are serious athletes though, so make sure you know what you’re doing or start your own game!
Working out in the calisthenics park
  • People Watching – If you haven’t seen it, you’ll see it in Miami! You can people watch to your heart’s content! You might see a celebrity. You’ll see plenty of really rich people, wanna-be-rich people, athletes in tip top shape, unique clothing, and different hairdos! Enjoy!
The boardwalk is great for a little exercise but also people watching!
  • Great Flight Prices to the Caribbean – From Miami, we were able to take a short, 2-hour flight to spend a week in Turks and Caicos for much cheaper than we expected!


  • It’s hot! – I was warned, but I still wasn’t prepared for this kind of hot! Heavy. humid. hot. It’s hot before you get up in the morning and it’s still hot late at night when you’re going to bed! There’s no escaping it and the humidity is so thick you might feel like it’s hard to breathe. Wear lots of sunscreen. Drink lots of water. Stick to the shade. I got massive headaches being on the beach, so be forewarned!
  • It’s expensive! – I’m not from a big city so this may not phase some of you. Food is easily $20+ per person, plus a higher sales tax than we were used to. We’re not drinkers, but I’m sure you can burn through your savings on alcohol in Miami; plus, don’t forget the expensive cover charge just to get into the clubs. This was why we chose to eat off of the beachfront because where it’s happening, they’re charging big bucks! When booking your hotel, consider their average prices, not yours or you may end up in a dirty motel for the price of a nice hotel back home.
  • It smells like smoke! – I don’t know what the deal is, but it feels like everyone in Miami smokes. All the main areas, sidewalks, patios, hallways, staircases, etc. smell like smoke…and it’s not all cigarette smoke! It stinks!
  • It’s packed and loud! – If you’re not a drinker, clubber, dancer, or party-goer, I don’t really think Miami is the place for you, and it’s not really kid friendly. It’s a night-life city and just wasn’t our scene!
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