Puerto Rico: Best Kept Secret

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Everyone in the USA dreams of going to Hawaii, but we all get a little freaked out by the price of it! Guess what? Puerto Rico is NOT a close second or sub par to Hawaii (but the price tag is way more affordable)! Puerto Rico is the hidden gem that the USA is keeping a secret in the pristine waters of the Caribbean. If you are in the USA as a visitor or a citizen, you don’t even have to show your passport. Hop on a flight and you are in the sunny, warm, tropical Caribbean using U.S. dollars as currency (with the additional bonus of the USA’s only rain forest!) If I haven’t convinced you yet, keep reading!

The charming streets of Old San Juan

Is Puerto Rico recovered from the destruction of hurricane Maria? Puerto Rico recovered incredibly well from Hurricane Maria. The beaches, waters, rain forest, and highways are more beautiful than ever! Sure, there are still abandoned buildings with blown-out windows and areas without electricity, but they have a motto, “Puerto Rico se levanta” (Puerto Rico will get back up!) The best things you can do for these resilient people is to come and see their island of enchantment and put your tourist money directly into Puerto Rico’s economy. Personally, I think word is going to get out and tourism is going to flood this island very soon! So, go now while it is still our best kept secret.

All over Puerto Rico, you will see this reminder of their resilience!

Can I get all the way around the island in a week? Think again! There is so much to see and do in Puerto Rico. We can’t wait to go back. We took this trip as a last minute getaway. It was so last minute, we were still booking places to stay in the airport on our way. We stayed for a week in three main areas Humacao (near El Yunque), Vieques (another island belonging to Puerto Rico), and Old San Juan. Those three places were a magical week all together, but I’ve heard the other side of Puerto Rico is equally unique and magical, so do your research and check out my other posts on spending a week in Puerto Rico, Vieques, and Old San Juan!

The view from Palmas in Humacao

Is it safe? Short answer: As safe as any other place you might visit! Long answer: I felt very safe everywhere that we went. We didn’t encounter any crazy drivers. We didn’t have anything stolen. We weren’t harassed in any way. The Puerto Rican people are such a mixture that they do not immediately assume you are a foreigner. You won’t be stared at, harassed, or targeted for being a foreigner, and no one will be trying to sell you things at a massive tourist price. I wouldn’t go out alone at night, but in pairs, you should be fine! The people are proud to be part of America too and they don’t treat you any differently than a Puerto Rican. Use caution like you would at home and don’t go places that other tourists don’t go. Read more about safety in Old San Juan, and always be cautious in the ocean!

On one of the forts in Old San Juan.

Do they speak English? YES! They also speak Spanish and they will never assume that you do or don’t know Spanish. If you choose to speak Spanish, the people will probably answer you in Spanish, but if you choose to speak English, they will most likely speak to you in English. I love to speak Spanish (although Puerto Rican Spanish is very unique), but I didn’t meet anyone who couldn’t also speak English.

On the Esperanza side of Vieques

I sincerely hope you are convinced that Puerto Rico is the place to visit! Go before the secret gets out!

One of the many waterfall in El Yunque

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