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Full-Face Snorkel Mask

New Snorkel Masks; Should I Get a Full-Face Snorkel Mask?

Should I get a full-face snorkel masks? Are they really any better? The short answer is that I LOVE the full-face mask, but I keep packing my traditional snorkel mask

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Where to eat in Charleston

Restaurants Around Charleston, SC

Restaurants aren't in short supply in Charleston. I've included my favorite Charleston eateries below (from most to least favorite).

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Ten Things You Need to Pack When Traveling to an Island

Ten Must-Haves for Island Travel

You are headed to paradise!¬† To make sure your island adventure is carefree, throw these ten things in your suitcase right now!¬† We’ve been to nine islands and counting, ranging

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Mistakes Made While Traveling

Rookie Mistakes by Two Seasoned Travelers

Well, even after visiting sixteen countries, we still make mistakes. Some of these faux pas are funny, but….some are a little embarrassing, so no judging! This is a judgement free

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Visiting Charleston on a Budget

Charleston on a Budget: Free Things to Do + Three Things Worth Every Penny

Charleston is definitely a city where you can shop till you drop and eat every hour, but you can simultaneously kiss your savings goodbye! There are a lot of free

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