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The travel bug is in the Kamunge household and it’s here to stay!   One of us is from Kenya and the other is from Kansas.  Other than that, we’re pretty normal, but we’re crazy passionate about inspiring couples to travel the world, make memories, and PLAN to make more memories together!  We didn’t quit our jobs to travel the world, so we’re normal, right?  We believe all couples need to travel together and CAN travel together with the right tools, advice, planning, and inspiration.   

We are from two different countries ourselves and after visiting more than 15 countries, our travel bucket list hasn’t gotten any shorter!  We love to go on adventures and discover new places, people, food, and languages!  Our goal is to give you the tips, tools, lessons, funny stories, photos, and inspiration to help you get out there and see, taste, touch, and hear the diverse wonders of God’s beautiful world. 

We are from different cultures and we hope to be lifelong learners of the world’s culture, languages, and customs.   Between us, we speak four different languages and make every effort to get outside our comfort zones and be immersed in “other worlds.”  We see people every day who have never left the country and our goal is to change the common belief that Americans don’t travel. 

We believe that travel changes you and gives you a love, understanding, and appreciation for people and their lifestyles and customs!  “Travel leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.”  

During our first year of marriage, we visited seven countries, which set the tone for a lifetime of adventuring together.   We want to inspire and encourage other couples to prioritize their time together, going on adventures and discovering the world together.  We have so much fun, and we want you to have fun together….sometimes those fun memories are weird foods, missed flights, lost luggage, jet-lagged nights, broken cell phones, exhausting hikes, cultural mishaps, or language blunders, but those are memories you’ll get to share and talk about for a lifetime together.   

We’re two people with daytime jobs (engineer and teacher) that we love very much, but like everything in life, these jobs are very time-consuming.   We have to plan, research and save carefully to make travel and vacations happen.  We start to talk about our trips to exotic destinations on the other side of the globe and people zone out like *sigh* “must be nice…..*another sigh*” It is nice!….and you can do it too! 

We’ve noticed that lots of couples talk about traveling, maybe even have a bucket list, and then… happens.  Well, life happens for us too!  We still pay rent, struggle to find time to meal prep, apply for work leave, and groan about gas prices, but at the end of the day, there’s a big world out there full of beautiful people and we want to experience all of it, see it, breath it, taste it, hear it and touch it, AND we want to do it together because adventures are better together. 

 We don’t want you to sigh and say, “Must be nice.”  Our goal is to give you the tips, tools, lessons, photos, and inspiration to help you get out there and see, taste, touch, and hear the diverse wonders of God’s beautiful world.   We have traveled to more than 15 countries and between the two of us, we speak four different languages.  We didn’t quit our jobs to travel, but we’ve developed a lifestyle that keeps travel as a top priority and you can too!  Dream big TOGETHER and let us show you the ropes towards eliminating your excuses and traveling the world! 

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